Bruno Gansel

Bruno Gansel



  • 25 years’ experience in program development
  • Specialist in VBA, C# and .NET

Bruno’s professional career has been running on three separate but often closely related tracks – Desktop Application Development, Embedded Software Development and Embedded Hardware Development.

His skills have developed over the years of engineering work in various fields ranging from industrial applications to desktop software.

Bruno has proficient knowledge of assembler and C#, C, VB, VBA programming languages as well as .NET and WPF/XAML frameworks. He has experience in many other fields and API like STM32 MCUs, ARM/Cortex MCUs, Smart Cards, SolidWorks API, REST API, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, HTML, etc.

Bruno can integrate custom functionalities into any open source application for Windows, like Blender, digiCamControl and others.

He uses MVVM , MVC and MVP software architectural patterns as well as Git for version control.

Bruno can provide Consulting, Software & Hardware Development, Testing/Debugging and other services ranging from several-hour jobs, over days, weeks or months-long projects to long term maintenance and support.

Bruno is a patient, thorough person with high attention to detail. He loves to find the best possible professional solution for each project.