We specialise in designing easy-to-use and fully functional Microsoft Office templates and custom program add-ins.


To ensure brand consistency for your business, train staff to effectively create documents in-house.


We aim to provide results-driven design solutions by truly understanding your business.


An impressive online presence is essential for your business’ credibility and growth.

Microsoft Office templates

The design world can often forget the importance of functional templates. A document with a graphic plonked in and no customisation is not enough to be useful in our everyday working lives.

Our Microsoft Office templates always include customised paragraph and table styles, your colour theme and optimised graphics. We also recommend utilising macros which provide the opportunity to automate multi-step processes.

Our team have hundreds of years’ combined experience in the Microsoft Office suite and that means a lot! You won’t scare us and we’ve probably seen it before. We offer a finely-tuned logic to the setup of our templates and a wealth of knowledge relating to user issues and program capabilities.

Our expertise covers:

  • Word templates, document formatting and user training
  • PowerPoint templates and animated presentations
  • Excel template creation and advanced formulas
  • Publisher designs
  • Visio formatting
  • Access databases

Microsoft Word is a program used by around 1.2 billion people. For businesses looking for a complete workflow solution, we recommend our custom Microsoft Word and PowerPoint ribbons which automate daily processes. Saving time and money!

A ribbon (or toolbar) designed for your business can give you a single access point to all of your favourite Word functions as well as some of our very own programmed features:

  • Insert landscape page (or other sizes and dimensions) – our most popular automation, preventing hours of stress with a single click
  • Insert pre-formatted tables / format existing tables
  • Multiple front cover options for reports
  • Insert section divider pages or appendices sections
  • Easily insert pre-saved content
  • Inserting custom watermarks

Distance does not limit our services! We currently provide templates and training to clients worldwide, specifically Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, USA, UK, Africa and Asia.

Check out our ‘whole kboodl’ Word ribbon in the video below:

We promise to make your life easier!

Every day, clients tell us how much they love our work.

We know the problems you’re facing with MS Office and we already know what you need!

Tell your boss how much money we can save your business and you’ll be the employee of the century!

Better still, get in before the end of financial year and 100% of the cost will claimable this year! Tell the accountant, they know what this means ?

Using our recommendations we conservatively estimate each user to save at least 138 hours per year ($13,800 averaged to various pay grades). Multiply this figure by your employee number and it’s easy to see how much time and money your business can save annually. 

We see well-paid consultants wasting time formatting documents instead of content writing. Some charging $300+ per hour for their time, losing days on simple tasks.




Everyone is using Microsoft Office, but how many have had formal training?

kboodl helps busy professionals and their teams discover what they “didn’t know they didn’t know” about Microsoft Office with customised training tailored to the needs of your staff and business.

A two hour session can work wonders for staff confidence and overall productivity. We can customise the in-house training session particular to your systems and users’ skill levels. A printed training reference or video tutorial are also recommended for future employee inductions or to be used as a refresher.

We can also offer full day training at your office for any of the standard Microsoft Office courses; beginners, intermediate or advanced.

On-site training is a cost effective way to train your staff. We offer either computer-based or conference style sessions. For training sessions of 4 hours or over, we will supply your morning or afternoon tea at no extra cost!

Word Template Masterclass
+ toolkit

Details coming soon!

Our template training is not available through other institutions and is a custom designed course created from our years of industry experience.

Contact us to register your interest.

Graphic Design


Even in this digital age, print design is still relevant and can reach markets that digital cannot.

  • Stationery
  • Business cards
  • Brochures/flyers
  • Annual reports
  • Packaging
  • Promotional goods: shirts, pens, uniforms (design and production)


Electronic media requires its own specific parameters. Our experience ensures effective delivery of these items.

  • Email signatures
  • e-newsletters
  • Animated graphics
  • Web banners
  • Adobe PDF fillable forms
  • Prezi presentations


Whether you are start-up or looking to refresh an existing corporate image, we can develop a logo or entire visual brand to set you apart from your competition.

We also work with your existing brand guidelines to expand many items that are not defined when using Microsoft Office for internal document production.

Web & Digital Design

We specialise in affordable website design services. For smaller businesses we recommend the use of WordPress websites. With many themes to choose from, they can be customised to suit your branding and are easily editable to ensure you have the freedom to update information whenever you like. Larger businesses may want a more customised solution and/or include e-commerce.

Whatever your needs we will attempt to use existing technology so you won’t pay for reinventing the wheel. If your project requires bespoke development we have all the skills needed and can still provide cost effective solutions.

Services we offer include:

  • Website design
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Custom web applications
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Mobile app development


  •  Cloud Computing
  •  BaaS
  •  SaaS
  •  Web Services
  •  Web Apps
  •  Mobile Apps
  •  SEO
  •  Content Marketing

Process Methodologies

  •  Business Model Generation
  •  Business Model Validation
  •  Innovative Accounting
  •  Agile
  •  User Stories
  •  Backlogging
  •  Burndown Charts
  •  Scrum
  •  Retrospectives

Coding Languages

  •  C#
  •  VB.Net
  •  SQL
  •  ASP.Net
  •  HTML5
  •  jQuery UI/Mobile
  •  CSS3
  •  Java
  •  Objective-C

Process Methodologies

  •  Xamarin Studio
  •  Sharp Develop
  •  Visual Studio
  •  SQL Management Studio
  •  MySQL Workbench
  •  Chrome Developer Tools
  •  Eclipse
  •  Xcode
  •  Git/GitHub


kboodl is a collective of designers and brainiacs, coming together to provide an extensive design service list.

At kboodl we ensure your brand is promoted in various mediums with professionalism and consistency.

From initial logo and branding, to print design, web development and smart office templates. We believe these are the essentials for any business to ensure brand consistency. Imagine being able to source everything you need in the one place through the same friendly people!

We offer smaller budget options for start-ups and non-profit organisations. Or if you have a big budget with big needs, that’s no problem either!


To preserve our creativity, the kboodl team work from individual studios
and attend the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne city offices for meetings and training sessions.

Rebekah Kirkwood

Rebekah Kirkwood

Boss Lady
Graphic Designer
Template Queen


Paige Taylor

Paige Taylor

Office Template


Cindy Raikabula

Cindy Raikabula

Office Template Transformer


Sonja Harrip

Sonja Harrip

Graphic + Web Designer
Creative Ninja


Max Dowse

Max Dowse

Graphic Designer
PowerPoint Ninja



Our clients are our priority.
We have been fortunate enough to work with some great organisations.


Hutchies ♥ kboodl

Hutchies loves working with kboodl to develop complex templates into easy-to-use resources for our 1,400 staff. kboodl aren’t just developers, they’re also designers, which means they whole-heartedly care about your project’s objective – not just the technical stuff (which are each equally as important to a great outcome).

Through a significant brand refresh over the past 24 months, Hutchinson Builders have invested significant energy to a range of modernised collateral and templates that unifies our iconic brand across everything including the thousands of templates and forms our teams use day-to-day on projects.

To achieve a strong buy-in and enable change amongst teams, our objective was to ensure these templates are easy to access and more importantly easy to use by our 1,400 staff across the business.

Being a graphic designer myself, my first nature is to use Adobe InDesign for everything – I’ve never been able to fully ‘buy-in’ to the Microsoft offering in Word. That was of course until I came across kboodl who have not only helped me better understand the inner workings and intricacies of Word but have blown my mind in Word’s ability to deliver sophisticated, easy to use and just
down right clever templates from our designs. I’m now completely sold on Word and have more recently been using it more than I would normally InDesign (something my designer friends can’t believe).

kboodl are an absolute pleasure to work with and really enjoy problem-solving our template complexities, which in return not only deliver efficiency in using the tools, but our people actually enjoy using them and have really embraced a fresh look.

We have had the pleasure of working with kboodl on numerous projects. Simple templates such as our stationery (letterheads etc), right through to jam-packed submission templates that assist teams with EOIs and Tenders to win new projects.

Furthermore, kboodl have delivered projects for our Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ) teams, as well as our Training & Workforce Development for their comprehensive learning resource materials.<

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending kboodl to everyone I think could use their help – even my designer friends who refuse to embrace Word (I understand). kboodl have really filled a gap in the market that people just never actually dealt with. We all just put up with the painfulness and ‘limitations’ of Word and instead of trying to understand it, just complained about it and put up with dodgy self-made templates. kboodl have the winning formula to actually make you want to use it.

Can’t wait to kick off our next project with kboodl and continue to deliver these amazing templates to our people that make their day-to-day work that little bit easier.

Harleigh Venables

Communications Manager
Hutchinson Builders


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your business’ branding needs or find out how we
can improve your internal document production. 

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