Web Design

Web & Digital Design

We specialise in affordable website design services. For smaller businesses we recommend the use of WordPress websites. With many themes to choose from, they can be customised to suit your branding and are easily editable to ensure you have the freedom to update information whenever you like. Larger businesses may want a more customised solution and/or include e-commerce.

Whatever your needs we will attempt to use existing technology so you won’t pay for reinventing the wheel. If your project requires bespoke development we have all the skills needed and can still provide cost effective solutions.


Services we offer include:

  • Website design
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Custom web applications
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Mobile app development


  •  Cloud Computing
  •  BaaS
  •  SaaS
  •  Web Services
  •  Web Apps
  •  Mobile Apps
  •  SEO
  •  Content Marketing
Process Methodologies
  •  Business Model Generation
  •  Business Model Validation
  •  Innovative Accounting
  •  Agile
  •  User Stories
  •  Backlogging
  •  Burndown Charts
  •  Scrum
  •  Retrospectives

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 Coding Languages
  •  C#
  •  VB.Net
  •  SQL
  •  ASP.Net
  •  HTML5
  •  jQuery UI/Mobile
  •  CSS3
  •  Java
  •  Objective-C
Development Tools
  •  Xamarin Studio
  •  Sharp Develop
  •  Visual Studio
  •  SQL Management Studio
  •  MySQL Workbench
  •  Chrome Developer Tools
  •  Eclipse
  •  Xcode
  •  Git/GitHub