Microsoft Office templates

The design world can often forget the importance of functional templates. A document with a graphic plonked in and no customisation is not enough to be useful in our everyday working lives.

Our Microsoft Office templates always include customised paragraph and table styles, your colour theme and optimised graphics. We also recommend utilising macros which provide the opportunity to automate multi-step processes.

Our team have hundreds of years’ combined experience in the Microsoft Office suite and that means a lot! You won’t scare us and we’ve probably seen it before. We offer a finely-tuned logic to the setup of our templates and a wealth of knowledge relating to user issues and program capabilities.

Our expertise covers:

  • Word templates, document formatting and user training
  • PowerPoint templates and animated presentations
  • Excel template creation and advanced formulas
  • Publisher designs
  • Visio formatting
  • Access databases


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Microsoft Word is a program used by around 500 million people every work day. For businesses looking for a complete workflow solution, we recommend our custom Microsoft Word and PowerPoint ribbons which automate daily processes. Saving time and money!

A ribbon (or toolbar) designed for your business can give you a single access point to all of your favourite Word functions as well as some of our very own programmed features:

  • Insert landscape page (or other sizes and dimensions) – our most popular automation, preventing hours of stress with a single click
  • Insert pre-formatted tables / format existing tables
  • Multiple front cover options for reports
  • Insert section divider pages or appendices sections
  • Easily insert pre-saved content
  • Inserting custom watermarks

Distance does not limit our services! We currently provide templates and training to clients worldwide, specifically Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, USA, UK, Africa and Asia.


Check out our ‘whole kboodl’ Word ribbon in the video below (many more features in our latest version):



We promise to make your life easier!

Every day, clients tell us how much they love our work.

We know the problems you’re facing with MS Office and we already know what you need!

Tell your boss how much money we can save your business and you’ll be the employee of the century!

Better still, get in before the end of financial year and 100% of the cost will claimable this year! Tell the accountant, they know what this means 🙂

Using our recommendations we conservatively estimate each user to save at least 138 hours per year ($3,450 on a basic wage). Multiply this figure by your employee number and it’s easy to see how much time and money your business can save annually.


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