Cindy Raikabula

Cindy Raikabula

Office Template Transformer


  • Over 20 years’ experience in advanced Microsoft Word
  • Qualified Engineer
  • Analytical thinker and problem solver

Cindy creates polished and functional Microsoft Word templates strictly adhering to the corporate identity and branding guidelines supplied.

She has been an advanced Word user for over 20 years and has developed a broad range of templates from simple letters through to reports, resumes, business cards and multi-chapter publications for government departments.

Cindy’s strengths include the ability to work with a broad range of stakeholders, vendor management and, with a background in journalism, has superior communication skills. She is an analytical thinker who loves problem-solving and providing a user-friendly document solution specific to each job.

Since joining kboodl, Cindy has mastered the complexities of our most technical templates which transform into our custom semi-automated solutions.